Barbarians + Clerics

Barbarians + Clerics

Both of these classes' mechanics are built around Drink Management (remember: if you are sent too many Drink Tokens, you are knocked out of the game) and compliment each other's game style.

Barbarian Class

The Barbarian class is about sending Drink Tokens and getting the party started. Ranging from Cup to Chalice, each class will contain three different kinds of Patrons that vary in power/usefulness. They all can be used to fulfill a Barbarian Quest requirement.

Though the Brawler definitely doesn’t look good on paper, it is an easy decision to pass to opponents or use to discard. On top of that, it gives players an opportunity to still claim a Quest with a Barbarian Class requirement.

Taking drinks and sending drinks. The Barbarian can allow you to easily knock someone out of the game, or apply pressure early on. It’s definitely a silent killer, and has won me more games than I can count.

The Champion can knock out a whole table in one fell swoop and only gets better with more players remaining in the game.

Each Quest structure is built the same, ranging from easy to difficult to complete. The easiest-to-complete Quest (2 Patrons) will reward players with the classes’ Ability, the middle one (3 Patrons) will reward players by replenishing their hand, and the most difficult one (4 Patrons) will reward the player with an item that lasts the rest of the game.

Cleric Class

Looking at its counterpart, the Cleric class will remove Drink Tokens and help you keep up with the rest of the table.

Maybe just a little too helpful, this card allows for not only you, but everyone else to remove a Drink Token. Played properly, this can help you out in a pinch, but most times it removes all your hard work trying to knock out other players.

The Cleric will be your saviour in almost every game and is probably the card you can count on most for removing Drink Tokens.

High Priest:
Lastly, the High Priest will give players a complete refresh and dash all your opponents' hopes of knocking you out.

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