Patron Cards

Patron Cards

Let’s talk about Patron Cards. Every Patron card will come with a Class that can be found at the top and bottom of every card. Classes allow for players to quickly identify the different archetypes within the game and generally the rough strategy behind them. 

Patron Classes

Each Patron class will have three (3) different cup styles, ranging in power and designed around a common mechanic (i.e. Stealing Cards, Healing Drinks, Sending Drinks etc.). You may use any Tier in a Class to complete a Quest card. 


Legend cards are very powerful and sticky cards that are typically part of your endgame. These cards have unique Abilities that often come with a trade-off.

Unlike typical Patrons, Legend Abilities happen while they are in a party. These are ongoing until the Legend leaves the party.

For this reason, players can only have one (1) Legend in their party at a time and do not discard them when Claiming a Quest. 

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