What the heck are NPCs?

What the heck are NPCs?

Probably the most frequently asked question in the game, “What the heck are these extra cards in my Expansion Pack?”. As part of the Kickstarter campaign, 8 backers were given the opportunity to add their flavour to the tavern.

NPC’s or “Non-Player Characters” are used in role-playing games to round out and provide depth to a fantasy world. Typically, these characters would be portrayed as a local blacksmith or a farmer, characters that are low-impact and filler for “world-building”.

Game mechanics-wise, they are exactly that. These cards play exactly like normal Patron cards. They have no special ability, however can be used to fulfill the “Any” spot on a Quest card. Mechanically, they are filler cards that allow for easy-decision making; they're the first thing you'd pass away, discard or lose in a Bad Joke. I also like using them to beef-up the play deck to accomodate more players at the table.  

There are a few ways to tell the difference between them and normal Patron cards: the mug handle is on the opposite side, their abilities have been replaced with flavour text, and their classes are all denoted as “NPC”. As well, I thought it would be fun to envision these characters using the house cups, so all of their cup colours are (relatively) the same.

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