Deck Building

Deck Building

Different nights call for different ways to experience the game. Add and remove Events or Patrons to find the perfect balance for your table. I’ve always had this idea for Gather Your Party to be flexible with the table, encouraging you to decide which cards stay and which go. I have curated some deck lists that I’ve found particularly fun to play and ways to experience a whole new game. (Important Reminder: adjust the Quest cards in the Quest Card deck to the Patrons that are being played in the game.)

Creating Your Own Deck

When crafting your deck it is important to think about how many players are at the table and how fast you want each game to play out.

Typically the more “non-drinking” Events in the game will slow down the overall flow of the game. More Events will also mean you will have a tougher time finding the much-needed Patrons to complete your Quests.

Want to speed up the game? Look to use Quests with 2-3 Patron requirements. Want to experience the full breadth of the game? Look to add longer Quests, less drinks and more Patrons. NPCs are a great way to add filler to your decks without adding complexity.

Legends are a great way to add chaos to every game. My rule of thumb is to add one (1) Legend to the deck for each player at the table. At my table, I let every player choose which Legend they’d like to add into the deck.

Have your own deck? Be sure to share at and I will add it to the list! 

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