How to Play

How to Play

Welcome to Gather Your Party! You’ve probably stumbled here because of your interest in the game, or the rulebook is too much of a rulebook. This video will breakdown the goal of the game, and general flow.  



Game Overview

Gather Your Party is a 2-4 player tavern party game where you and your friends compete to gain the most Reputation in the tavern, but of course, there are always hiccups when drinking is involved.

How to Play

Players will take turns adding Patrons from hand to their party, drawing cards, and completing Quest Cards off the Bounty Board in the centre of the table.

To win, players will have to manage how much Reputation they have, and how much they Drink.

Get four (4) Reputation, win the game. Get four (4) Drink tokens, get knocked out.

The Decks

There are two (2) core decks in Gather Your Party, the Quest Card deck and the Go Drinking deck.

The Quest Card deck consists of various quests that are available to players to gain Reputation. 

Go Drinking deck consists of Patron and Event cards.

Key Mechanics


You gain Reputation by completing Quest Cards. To complete a Quest, you must add Patrons to your party by placing them in front of you. If you have all the Patrons required, you may use your turn to claim a Quest in the centre of the table. Once you gain four (4) Reputation, you become a Drinking Legend and win the game. 


Alternatively, you can drink your friends under-the-table and become the last player standing. There are many different Patrons and Events cards that give and take away Drinks, but essentially, if you hit your limit of 4 Drink Tokens, you are knocked out of the game.

If you are knocked out of the game, you must place all your Go Drinking cards into the discard pile. 

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