Mages & Minstrels

Mages & Minstrels

Bard Class

The Bard class is all about Event Management. It’s like getting handed the aux cord… you get to decide the tempo of the game. Bards can easily let you shake up the table, or find that useless Event in the Discard Pile.

The Opener:
Used properly this card can be a powerful tool. Copying what they just heard, The Opener can let your double-up on the last Event played to maximize chaos.

Similar to a Warlock, Bards let you dig through the Discard to go and find that much needed Event.

Like most chalices, when it hits the table, it can hit hard. The Minstrel lets you find that perfect card for that perfect moment. It is a powerful tool to end games quickly or save you from your demise.


Sorcerer Class

Having the right information oftentimes can make your next move a lot easier. The Sorcerer class allows players to peer into opponents hands to predict your triumph or downfall. The class is recommended for players who are familiar with the cards in the game. If you are unfamiliar with the cards, it may slow down the pace of the game.

Definitely has a lot to learn, the Apprentice can give you either none of the information or all of it. With the ability to only look at a single card, the Apprentice is best played late in the game to give you the info you need when your opponents' hands are low.

The Sorcerer class is a great card to check on your opponents. Paired beautifully with the Rogue class, it’s a wombo-combo only you saw coming.

All-knowing and all-seeing, the Paragon lets you look into everybody's hands. A powerful tool to take the reins on any board state.

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