Rangers + Rogues

Rangers + Rogues

Rogue Class

The Rogue Class is all about Hand Management. Stealing cards from other players' hands and creating mischief around the table. It’s a great tool to both get ahead on board while still having ammunition for later turns. Ranging from Cup to Chalice, player’s chances of getting good card value increase with each Patron.

Though this might not seem that great early on in the game, the Trickster will be sure to become useful as players' hands dwindle and players save their best cards for last. Your moment to strike is upon you before you know it.

The epitome of the class. Steal a card, any card, from another player’s hand. A pretty simple mechanic that’ll surely make you target number uno at the table.

The penultimate to this class, the Swashbuckler will let you steal from EVERYONE else at the table - practically a hand-filler. Be sure you get this card out early though as it will diminish as the number of players get knocked out of the game.  

Ranger Class

The Ranger Class is all about Deck Management. Keeping you out of trouble and giving you a better chance of finding the perfect card. Best played as your first action on your turn, any of the three Patrons are a no-brainer in giving you the most information to work with. Alternatively, you will be able to set up other players for certain peril by leaving the wrong Event on top of the deck.

The simplest action in the game, the Scout will easily help you decide whether or not to draw the next card.

The most powerful tool in the game is information: the Ranger will arm players with the most amount of information they need to make their second action wise. Find the card you need, set up others for peril, or play mind games with the table.

Protector of the grove and the tavern. The Warden will not only get players the card they need, it will also give them the opportunity to set up what’s to come.

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