Tacticians & Treasures

Tacticians & Treasures

Fighter Class

A tactical advantage on all-fronts. The Fighter Class is a great addition to any tavern that will allow players to fill their hands and their parties. This is a great class to add to the tavern if you are looking for faster resolutions and gameplay..

Very little downside here. The Squire is just here to learn from the best.

Value like you’ve never seen before. The Fighter lets you fill your hand with cards without the fear of drawing into an Event.

Always looking for the right moment to strike. The Tactician gets better the lower in cards your hand becomes.

Treasure Cards

These five (5) Treasure cards are a unique side game outside the typical Patron cards. Players will either win big or lose tragically; best to tread lightly.

When drawn, played or stolen from another player’s hand, resolve immediately. Set a pile to the side to mark the total number of Treasures revealed. Treasures are great to end games faster, incorporate items into the game more frequently, and to deter opponents from stealing from you.

Personally, I love that you never know when that last Treasure will fall.
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