Warlocks  + Wizards

Warlocks + Wizards

Warlock Class

Give a little, get a little. The Warlock class is about digging for the Patrons you need, at a cost.

On paper, this card is good-for-nothing. But, like every cup-style card in a Class, there is a time and a place: whether it’s to throw something away you didn’t need or bringing down your hand size. At the very least, it fits the requirements for a Warlock Quest.

The Warlock Class will give players the opportunity to give-up some of their cards to get cards from the Discard Pile. While not very useful in your opening hand, Warlocks excel when the bin is full and lets you access much-needed fuel to complete Quests.

Similar to the Warlock, this card will let players give up a little to advance their party two-fold. Also best played late in the game, the Necromancer will let you pull from any Patron in the Discard Pile and put it straight into your party, leaving you with your second Action Point. In the biz, we call this “value”.

Wizard Class

So good, we only made 3. The Wizard Class is a party of one, and for good reason. It is probably the most versatile card in the set and can be used in just about every situation. At its core, it is a “Nope” card. Familiar mechanics can be seen in many card games alike, but at its essence, if you don’t like something that another player plays (this only affects Patron and Event cards), you can simply cancel that effect.

What makes the card so versatile is that it can be played from your hand or Party, AND being a Patron, it can also be used to Claim a Quest. Nice.

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