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Gather Your Party Bundle

Gather Your Party Bundle

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Recruit Patrons, send Drink tokens, claim Quests and avoid all the perils of a night out at the tavern.

Each bundle will contain both the Tavern Edition and Expansion Pack of the game for a complete 2-6 player action-packed, card-slinging, token-flinging good time. 

Learn the game here.

Please Note: The game is set in a tavern and no actual consumption of alcohol is required to play this game. If you choose to, please drink responsibly.

Game Contents

Each bundle will come with over 35 unique Patrons and Events (over 140 cards), 20 plastic Drink Token, and a Rulebook.

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Learn The Game

Tavern Edition

Gather Your Party : Tavern Edition will come with 20 plastic drink tokens and 85 cards divided between Patrons, Events, and Quests for players explore.

Also one (1) instruction booklet + four (4) handy Action/Terms cards.

Expansion Pack

Gather Your Party : Expansion unlocks 5-6 player gameplay with even more Patrons, Events, Quests, and Items!

This pack will come with an additional 59 cards with even more mechanics to help players shake up their table.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a Drinking Game?

No. While the game is set in the tavern, plastic coins will be your Drink Limit markers.

It can be turned into one, if you choose to.

Is it easy to learn?

Yes! Learning any new game can be daunting. Once you get a sense of the flow of the game and Patron cards available, you'll be off to the races!

Can I mix and match the Tavern and Expansion sets?

Of course! Like any good homebrew, you can decide what type of game you want to play. Add and remove Patrons and Events as you see fit, it's your tavern.

Can the Expansion Pack be played seperately?

Unfortunately not! The Tavern Edition of the game is the stand alone game which the Expansion Pack can be added to accommodate more players.

What are the NPCs in the Expansion Pack?

You might be wondering why there are 8 cards that aren't mentioned in the rulebook.

These NPCs or "Non Player Characters" were developed as part of the Kickstarter campaign. I worked with 8 backers to add some flavour to the tavern.

Game mechanics-wise, these cards play exactly like normal Patron cards. They have no special ability, but can be used to fulfill the “Any” spot on a Quest card.