Quest Cards

Quest Cards

Quest Cards are the player's primary way to gain Reputation. Quests are located on the Bounty Board in the center of the table and are available for any player to complete.To claim a Quest Card, players must match their party with the Party Requirements listed on the Quest Card.

If a player meets the Party Requirement listed on the card, they may use their 2 Action Points to claim that Quest Card. When completed, the player will place the Quest Card in front of them to display their total Reputation.

Adjusting Quests

I’ve always had this idea for Gather Your Party to be flexible with the table, encouraging you to decide which cards stay and which go. With that, I want to make a very important reminder to adjust the Quest cards in the Quest Card deck to the Patrons that are being played in the game. 


On top of Reputation, Quest Cards will also come with a Reward. Once a player completes the Quest, they immediately claim the Reward specified at the bottom of the card. This is a one-time use

However, some Quests are more difficult to complete and will come with an Item. If a player gains an Item, the item and its effects will last the rest of the game. Items cannot be discarded and players can have more than one (1) item.

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