Underneath its simplistic shell, Gather Your Party has a lot of intricacies that can beg for a ruling from new players. I’ve compiled some of the questions I’ve heard at my table, on Instagram and through email.

If you have any rulings needing answers, email me at and I can add them here.

There are only two ways a Player can gain Reputation: Quest cards and Reputation cards (Hmph, Not Bad). Quest cards are awarded to players for Claiming a Quest, ranging from 1-3 Reputation.

07-31-23 Quest Cards cannot be denied by a Wizard as they are not classified as an Event or Patron Ability.
07-31-23 Reputation cards (Hmph, Not Bad) are not classified as an Event card. These cannot be denied by a Wizard.
07-31-23 When a player fulfills their final Reputation, the game is immediately over. 



Drinks are an alternative win condition that players can use to take the table by storm. If a player receives four (4) Drink Tokens they will be knocked out of the game.

07-31-23 Once knocked out, players must place their cards in the Discard Pile (this includes their party, hand, and Reputation cards). Knocked out players do not return to the game after a Last Call is resolved.
07-31-23 Healing a Drink refers to removing a Drink Token from your total amount of drinks. Sending a Drink refers to adding a Drink Token to another player’s total amount of Drinks.
07-31-23 The player that initiates an Event or Patron Ability that affects the entire table would resolve themselves first before everyone else. I.e in a Drinks on the House, the player who initiates the Event would receive a Drink Token and then the rest of the table would simultaneously.


If a player has all the Patrons required in their party, they may use 2 Action Points to Claim A Quest off the Bounty Board in the center of the table. When completed, discard the Patron cards involved into the Discard Pile.

07-31-23 If a player has more Patrons than the Quest requirement, they only discard the amount stated on the card.
07-31-23 If a player has a Legend in their party and there is an “Any” spot available, they do not remove the Legend Patron when they Claim A Quest.

The Quest Reputation and Reward must happen, it cannot be denied by a Wizard.


If a Reward affects the entire table, the player that received the reward would receive the bonus first. (Refer to the Drinks section).


Events will trigger when a playeruses their Action to “Draw a Card”. “Adding a card” will not trigger an Event as a result of Claiming a Quest or playing a Patron.

07-31-23 Adding a Card would be the result of Play a Card. (i.e., playing a Fighter to your party, would result in adding cards from the top of the Go Drinking deck to hand.)


If there are no cards left in the deck, set aside the Last Call card and shuffle the Discard Pile. Place the Last Call card randomly within the bottom 10 cards of the deck.

07-31-23 If the Last Call card is denied by a Wizard or in a player's hand when there are no cards left, set aside the Last Call card and shuffle the Discard Pile. Then place the Last Call card randomly amongst the last 10 cards in the deck.


There can only be four (4) Patrons in your party at any time. If your party is full, you must discard a Patron before you add a new one to the table.

07-31-23 Removing a Patron does not use an Action Point to do, it would be in addition to Playing a Card. Simply place the unwanted Patron into the Discard Pile and play the Patron of your choice.
07-31-23 If a player has three (3) Patrons in their party and plays a Necromancer, they would resolve the Necromancers Ability first. Upon adding another Patron from the discard to their party, they would then discard a Patron from their party.


Card Text: Take a Drink. Send a Drink.


07-31-23 Add a Drink Token to your total number of Drinks, then select another player to receive a Drink Token.
07-31-23 In the case of the last two players standing, the player who initiates the Patron Ability would receive their Drink Token first.


Card Text: Steal one card randomly from every player’s hand. Add them to your hand.

07-31-23 Each card must be randomly stolen from the other players. The player that plays the Swashbuckler may not look at every player’s hand upon resolving this Ability.


Card Text: Look at the top three cards of the Go Drinking deck, place one into your hand and the rest back on top of the deck in any order.

07-31-23 If a player adds a Hmph, Not Bad to hand via a Warden, they cannot immediately play it as per “Drawing vs Adding” resolve.


Card Text: Discard a card.

07-31-23 This card has been revised. If you have no cards in hand, you may still play this card with no prerequisite.


Card Text: Discard a card. Add any Patron from the Discard Pile to your party. Their Ability doesn’t trigger.


This card has been revised.  Discard a card. If you discarded a card this way, add any Patron from the Discard Pile to your party. Their Ability doesn’t trigger.

If a player plays the Necromancer without discarding a card, they do not get to add a Patron from the Discard Pile to their party.

07-31-23 The Wizard’s Ability does not happen when a Patron enters a party. You may still discard the Wizard from your party to stop any Event or Patron Ability.


Card Text: Discard the card from your hand or party at any time to stop any Event or Patron Ability.

07-31-23 In the case of a denial (“Nope”), another player may discard another Wizard to deny the first Wizard.
07-31-23 If a player draws an Event that they do not desire, they may discard their Wizard to deny that Event.


Some Events let players shake up the table and swap Patrons. When this happens, it does not re-activate the Patrons Abilities. Abilities only happen when a played into a party. Otherwise, that would be chaos.

07-31-23 This does not trigger the Patron Ability. A Patron Ability only happens when you use an Action Point to Play a Card.


Card Text: Draw a Quest from the Quest Card deck and place on top of this card. You must complete this Quest before completing any other Quests on the Bounty Board. Upon completion, gain an additional Reputation. Place this card alongside the complete Quest to denote the additional Reputation Point.

07-31-23 Player’s may only deny a Side Quest with a Wizard when its Ability is first activated (I.e when a player Plays a Card or Draws a Card. They cannot deny the result of the Ability when a player Claims a Quest.
07-31-23 You may take on multiple Side Quest cards, you can complete either of them in any order, so long as you don’t Claim a Quest from the Bounty Board.


Card Text: Gain 1 Reputation for the rest of the game. When drawn from the Go Drinking deck, play immediately.

07-31-23 Denoted at the top as a “Reputation”, Hmph, Not Bad cannot be denied by a Wizard. Hmph, Not Bad cannot be searched for by a Minstrel as it is not an Event.
07-31-23 Once Hmph, Not Bad becomes part of a player's total Reputation, it is there for the rest of the game. It does not reset as part of Last Call. If a player is knocked out via Drinks, they must discard their hand, party and Reputation to the Discard Pile.
07-31-23 If a player Adds a Card to hand as part of a Quest Reward, they cannot immediately play the card (Refer “Drawing vs Adding” section).


08-28-23 In the case of a Tavern Brawl or Magic Chairs, if a player receives a second Legend, they must remove the first Legend in their party before adding the second.


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